Alfa Romeo will introduce a new Stelvio base model with RWD


Good news for those who want an Alfa Romeo Stelvio but do not have the need for all-wheel drive: is reportedly introducing a cheaper, solely rear-drive version. It will still have plenty of power.

Car & Driver is reporting that there will be a new, rear-wheel-drive Stelvio for 2019, one that undercuts the current cheapest Q4 by $2,000. That would mean a starting price of $41,440. However, the gap will widen slightly as the all-wheel-drive cars will see a price bump for 2019.

The base model’s only engine option will be the four-cylinder turbo, offering 280 horsepower and 306 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is the eight-speed automatic. C&D also says that the versions will be kitted out more cheaply than AWD models, as a posher Ti version will always come standard with AWD. The new base models are likely to bear Q2 badging to differentiate them from the “quattro per quattro” Q4 models.

And, if you’re still willng to add a little something to the RWD , there will be an available Sport package that offers 19-inch wheels and performance-oriented accessories such as aluminum pedals, painted brake calipers, paddle shifters and more. This does almost negate the price difference between the 2018 and 2019 base models, as it is said to cost $1,800.

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