a playful road to learning about AI and robotics using rubber duckies : SelfDrivingCars


Hi all! I am a roboticist working at nuTonomy as Director of Research, and I am one of the organizers of the non-profit Duckietown project.

Duckietown started as a class about at MIT – and it is now is a worldwide effort.

We provide freely available software and various educational materials to learn about self-driving cars. Our materials are now used in 10 countries, and we are looking to expand to the rest of the world!

We have announced a kickstarter, run by our non-profit foundation, to provide everybody with an easy way to get the hardware.

We are also organizing the AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO) at NIPS 2018, the first competition with real robots in a machine- conference.

You can follow us at @DuckietownAI.

AMA in the comments. I am here with students and collaborators /u/stratanis, /u/gzardini, /u/manfred_diaz, /u/afdaniele, /u/duckietown-udem.

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