A 900-horsepower race truck is the ideal Christmas tree carrier


Ken Block didn’t make a -themed video this year, but five-time Lucas Oil Off-Road champion Kyle LeDuc is making up for that. In what looks like a video straight from Hoonigan and Block, LeDuc captures the spirit by bringing home the on a 900-horsepower Pro4 trophy racer.

There’s no shortage of stunts and slides, with one especially long jump built into the video. LeDuc goes airborne for 235 feet. That is nearing the length of an entire football field of airtime, but the truck seems happy to do it and keep rolling once it comes down. A rockin’ version of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ plays in the background while the V8 tries to drown it out entirely. Toyo even added some humor to the video at the end, as LeDuc arrives home. Speeds of over 100 mph and massive jumps don’t help when trying to get a tree home in one piece. Going to grab another tree is a great excuse to go sliding about in the trophy truck again, though.

Lotus created a similar video with its Evora GT410 Sport, except the tree looks to be in much better shape at the end of that video. Perhaps we should all be using British sports cars to carry our trees home next year instead of trucks …

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