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Ground X-Vehicle (GXV-T) is DARPA’s military program that aims to improve , survivability, safety, and effectiveness. The main focus is to advance the technology for future combat vehicles. Learn more at darpa.mil

Transcript: technologies you didn’t know about. Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (GXV-T) is DARPA’s program that aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness.

Reconfigurable Wheel-Track (RWT) transitions from wheel to track to maneuver through multiple terrains. Enhanced 360-Degree Awareness with Virtual Windows using 3D goggles. Combined with active window displays, this tech provides real-time views outside the vehicle.

Electric In-Hub Motor. A motor is placed directly inside the wheels offering improved acceleration and maneuverability.

Virtual Perspectives Augmenting Natural Experience (V-PANE) vehicle-mounted cameras. V-Pane creates a real-time 3D model of its surroundings.

Multi-Mode Extreme Travel Suspension (METS) minimizing passenger discomfort at high speeds over rough terrain.

Off-Road Crew Augmentation (ORCA) foresees the safest and fastest route using autonomous off-roading with collision avoidance which of these do you wish you had?

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