6 Best Car Modifications to Maximize Performance


It’s common for owners to treat their automobiles like it’s their own son or daughter, with some even addressing it as their baby. They take very good care of it and dress it up from time to time either by repainting its coat or installing new parts. Despite the expenses that come with car customizations, a lot of people find enjoyment in personalizing their rides.

are car that are purely aesthetic, and there are those
that also improve the car’s overall . While
performance-enhancing additions are usually quite pricey, there are
ways to modify your car to its performance without breaking
the bank. In this article, we will show you six ways to give your car
an affordable yet significant upgrade.

Racing car with wide tires

Change The Tires

It is very easy to forget about your car’s tires, or at least take them for granted. Most of the focus of car enthusiasts falls on either the inner or the outer frame of the automobile, and the tires fit somewhere in between. However, improving the quality of your tires can greatly improve your car’s performance for an acceptable price.

purchasing new tires, you need to understand that different types
offer different advantages and disadvantages on the road. For
instance, racing tires will net you more speed while driving because
they are notably softer than regular ones. Softer tires are able to
grip the surface of the road better, which also bodes well for the
passengers’ safety. However, softer tires are also less durable, so
be prepared to change your tires often if you choose this type.

Summer tires are recommended for hard, dry concrete roads, as these tires off less resistance and therefore increased efficiency against the rough surface. There are also tires created to better withstand icy conditions, featuring studs or spikes perfect for racing where most seasons end up in snowy or slippery roads. It is imperative that you understand your driving environment well so that you can prioritize properly which kind of tires best fit your car.

Mazda Miata with HID Headlights

Consider HID Headlights

The headlights are an essential part of the car since it serves as your eyes on the road. Naturally, you want to have your eyes as clear as possible to make sure you avoid any accidents while driving. Installing High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights is a smart investment because it considerably improves the driver’s vision on the road while also looking good as hell.

Aside from giving you a safer time driving at night, HID headlights will definitely add a certain flair to your car’s overall design. You can choose your own headlight color temperature, and you can also install the lights yourself as they’re quite easy to handle. Simply make sure you buy a quality set of headlights or you might run into recurent and annoying ballast problems.

Use Spark Plugs Designed for the Track

Replacing your basic spark plugs for performance-oriented ones is often quite inexpensive and usually easy to perform on your own, but a lot of car owners forget to do so because they don’t really understand what it does. The spark plug produces a voltage spark in the cylinder, which then serves as the ignition to the engine/s fuel. In simpler terms, if your spark plug fails to ignite the fuel in the engine, then there’s no combustion that will make the car run. In the same line of thought, the more efficient the combustion process is, the faster the car will go.

Avoid keeping worn-out spark plugs by checking them regularly and replace them when needed. Consider purchasing high-quality spark plugs to produce better power for your car.

Performance exhaust system

Upgrade Your Exhaust

Some people think the exhaust system is there just to provide a cool, growling sound for your car. In reality, the exhaust system refers to a set of pipes put together to guide the gases out of your vehicle after fuel is combusted in the engine. If the exhaust isn’t designed with efficiency in mind, it can cause restriction and slow down the exhaust flow. And no matter how big your intake system is or how much pressure that turbo is pushing, air can only enter the engine as fast as it’s flowing out the exhaust.

Despite its importance, car manufacturers have been known to produce exhaust systems in a cost-effective way, which means there’s a good chance your stock system is not up to par.

up to an aftermarket exhaust system will improve your car’s
performance by helping it blow out unwanted gases more efficiently.
The faster the gases leave your engine and your car, the better the
quality your engine will remain in over time. Additionally, improved
airflow in the engine leads to less fuel consumption and faster

Cold air intake

Improving Your Cold Air Intake System

Speaking of improving the engine’s functions, upgrading the car’s cold air intake system is another cheap yet effective method to tweak your car. Car engines perform better when they are cooled the same way our bodies are able to move better when cooler. It also helps keep the engine from overheating when processing fuel or simply running.

By installing a high-performance cold air intake system, your engine gets a regular source of cool air. Cold air has higher oxygen levels than hot air, which leads to a better rate in combustion, which in turn improves acceleration and fuel management. Make sure the system is properly installed, though. If you make a mistake sealing off the wrong area you could end up directing hot air into the engine instead.

Red Nissan 240sx with a widebody kit

Installing A Car Body Kit

Contrary to popular belief, not all body kits are expensive. The cost of car body kits is often tied to the material being used, as specific materials like carbon fiber are hard to produce and therefore sold for a higher price.

like buying tires, you need to do ample research to find out which
material best suits your car’s body kit. For instance, if your
driving environment is often exposed to high temperature, you might
want to explore kits made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is the most
affordable material for body kits because it is easy to manufacture,
and it’s also a common choice because it’s easy to decorate and
customize with paint.

When computing expenses for your body kit, don’t forget to take installation costs and insurance fees into account. The installation process matters just as much as the actual body kit. Never forget that a body kit looks good only when it’s fitted properly so make sure you get an expert to help you out.

But when done correctly, a good body kit will improve handling by reducing the amount of air flowing under the vehicle. Even better, a widebody kit could also allow you to install wider tires, ultimately improving the overall grip of the car.

Last Words

Remember that these six tips are only supposed to guide you towards modifying your car. There are many more customizations that are available, so feel free to diverge and explore other options with your automobile. The only limit is your imagination.

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