2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric reportedly getting greater range


With the introduction of the Kona , ’s first full EV on the market, the Electric, has seemingly been neglected. But that doesn’t seem to be the case according to Inside EVs. The news outlet spoke to someone from Hyundai who revealed that for the Ioniq Electric will get a boost in , but it won’t match the Kona Electric.

For reference, the current Hyundai Ioniq Electric has a range of 124 miles, and the Kona Electric is rated at 258 miles. That leaves a lot of room for Hyundai to decide how much range the new Ioniq will have, and makes it hard to estimate what the final figure will be. It would seem a safe bet that the range will at least be 150 miles, maybe a bit more, since that would put the Ioniq Electric on par with the base Nissan Leaf for range. This is especially likely since both cars compete at the same price point of between $30,000 and $36,000 before incentives. There’s a chance Hyundai could offer more range, or perhaps an optional long-range model with over 200 miles, but that might raise the price, and Hyundai will probably point buyers that need more range to the Kona anyway.

We’ll also be curious to see if Hyundai ups the power of the Ioniq. Its current 118 horsepower is pretty low, even in the EV segment. The standard Leaf produces 147 horsepower. Apparently the Kona Electric’s 200-horsepower motor can fit in the Ioniq, as proven by the Hyundai team racing a Kona-powered Ioniq in the Optima Ultimate Street Car competition. But again, if Hyundai isn’t going to give the Ioniq as much range as Kona, there’s not much reason to give it a bigger motor either. Especially when the Ioniq Electric buyers probably aren’t that interested in speed.

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