2019 Hyundai Nexo fuel cell will go on sale at 3 dealers in California


Hyundai will make its Nexo hydrogen - crossover available in by end of the year, and while it still hasn’t announced pricing, it said the vehicle will be sold at dealerships in Van Nuys and Tustin in Southern Cal, with a San Jose dealer coming online in early 2019. Read Autoblog’s Quick Spin review of the 2019 Nexo here.

The is the replacement for the Tucson Fuel Cell, which it leased to customers and use to log testing miles in 18 countries. Considered the second generation of Hyundai’s fuel cell car, the Nexo boasts an estimated range of 80 miles, 115 more than its predecessor, in the Nexo Blue trim, with an estimated MPGe of 65 miles in the city, 58 on the highway and 61 combined. The Limited model offers a slightly more, uh, limited driving range of 54 miles and an estimated MPGe of 59/54/57. The EPA has yet to publish official fuel-economy ratings. Power and acceleration are also improved to 161 horsepower and 291 pound-feet of torque.

Hyundai developed the Nexo on its own dedicated architecture, which it says weighs less (though how much is not known), offers an improved power-to-weight ratio, and delivers a 20 percent faster 0-60 mph sprint time at a not-particularly blistering 9.5 seconds over the Tuscon. Despite the three hydrogen tanks, they take up less total space than the Tucson FCEV, so rear cargo volume is increased by nearly 6 cubic feet to 29.6 cubic feet, with the battery relocated to the trunk. The Nexo is also longer by 10.3 inches and wider by 1.5 inches, with a longer wheelbase, though it’s shorter by 1 inch.

Overall power increases to 135 kilowatts, with a slightly less energy-dense fuel cell but a battery pack that jumps by 16 kW to 40 kW. The Nexo also gets a host of driver-assist technologies, like forward collision-avoidance assist, high-beam assist and what it calls remote smart parking assist, which enables the car to autonomously park or retrieve itself from either a parking space, including parallel slots and rear-first parking spaces.

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