2019 Ford Mustang NASCAR revealed for Monster Energy series


Today, NASCAR’s top-level , the Cup, just got a little more accurate in regard to its cars. Ford unveiled the 2019 Ford Mustang race car that will be used for the series next year. It replaces the Ford Fusion that has been used until now, and means that will be racing a V8, rear-drive race car that’s actually styled after a V8, rear-drive road car. It also means that when the Fusion eventually leaves the U.S. market in Ford’s quest for crossovers, Ford will still be racing one of the few cars it will offer here.

The resulting race car actually doesn’t look too bad, either. The greenhouse still looks a bit sedan-esque due to ’s vehicle requirements, but the Mustang’s grille and headlight designs fit pretty well on the body. Interestingly, the car is styled after the Shelby GT350, evident by the older-style headlight stickers at the front, and the fender vent stickers on either side.

The starting grid for next year’s Monster Energy series will more exciting looking, too. The will face off with its arch-nemesis the Camaro ZL1, which entered the Monster Energy series this year. Xfinity should be interesting, too, since both the Mustang and Camaro will be competing with the Toyota Supra. Xfinity will be super accurate to real-life as well, since all of the cars will represent rear-drive sports cars. Ford has been campaigning Mustang race cars in the NASCAR Xfinity series, a step below Monster Energy, since 2011, and the company boasts that it has only lost one championship in that series since the Mustang’s introduction. The new car will make its racing debut in the top series at the Daytona 500.

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