2019 Chicago Auto Show Editors’ Picks


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Fifth Place: 2019 Toyota RAV4 TRD (26 Points)

Social Media Manager Michael Dylan Ferrara: I love the new look of the RAV4, especially the Adventure trim. Adding TRD touches including upgraded suspension and re-valved twin-tube shocks makes it even better. I’ll take one in the Lunar Rock paint.

Senior Producer Christopher McGraw: I love the RAV4 Adventure, and if this makes it even more rally-ready, I’m very optimistic. I don’t exactly know what “inspired by” the Rally Team means, but I’m hoping it’s legit.

Toyota RAV4 Information

Toyota RAV4

  • Image Credit: Copyright 2019 Drew Phillips / Autoblog

Fourth Place: Ram Multifunction Tailgate (37 Points)

Managing Editor Greg Rasa: This just makes so much sense. The GMC tailgate has lots of neat tricks, but the Ram lets you get really close to the load floor. Though am I the only one who is bothered that the two parts are asymmetrical

Associate Editor Reese Counts: The Ram is a great truck, and this seems like less of a gimmick than what GMC has done with the Sierra’s tailgate. 

Ram 1500 Information

Ram 1500

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Third Place: 2020 Subaru Legacy (41 Points)

Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: The sedan is becoming a niche market, but the Subaru Legacy illustrates the value in doing one well. I’m impressed with the interior, which is a great sign for Subarus to come. I can’t wait to drive the XT variant.

Contributing Editor James Riswick: Few people have historically purchased the Legacy, but its impressive interior is important for two reasons. First, Subaru just keeps getting better in this traditional area of weakness. Second, the Legacy previews what we’ll expect from the next-generation Outback likely coming next year. Many people buy those.

Subaru Legacy Information

Subaru Legacy

  • Image Credit: Copyright 2019 Drew Phillips / Autoblog

Second Place: 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary Edition (62 Points)

Associate Editor Joel Stocksdale: Yes, it’s just a special color and limited production, but oh what a color! It’s creamsicle orange, and it seriously appeared to glow on stage. It’s also a welcome break from Mazda’s conservative color choices the last few years. On top of that, it has gorgeous Rays wheels, and a fun color-coordinated interior. Plus it’s one of the best generations of Miatas, ever, so there’s not much wrong here.

Senior Editor Alex Kierstein: We love the Miata. We also love a bold color on a fun car. This one ticks all the boxes, because that color is inspired by the monstrous 787B that won Le Mans. It’s got a nice equipment list and it’s a limited edition model. Judging by past special editions, it’s likely to hold value, which is good because it ain’t cheap.

Manager, Video Production Eddie Sabatini: The fun-to-drive Miata gets a fun color – what’s not to like? Hopefully, Mazda lets the racing orange color stick around long after the special anniversary badging goes away — especially since the 30th Anniversary Edition has already sold out. 

  • Image Credit: Copyright 2019 Drew Phillips / Autoblog

First Place: 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI (68 Points)

Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: It has my favorite ingredients from the GTI baked into the Jetta. That’s a smart recipe. The GLI looks sharp and promises to drive great. 

Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski: It’s got all the boxes checked, the most important of which are a clutch pedal and a reasonably powerful turbocharged engine, and it ought to come with a reasonable price tag.

Assistant Editor Zac Palmer: Volkswagen killed it with the Jetta GLI design. The interior feels bland, but I’m not sure I would mind while banging through the gears.

Volkswagen Jetta Information

Volkswagen Jetta

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