2018 Kia Stinger GT Long-Term Update | We review the seats


We’ve had our long-term 2018 Kia Stinger GT for over six months, which means we’ve all had a lot of seat time in the sports sedan. And those we’ve become so familiar with have stirred up some mixed opinions among the staff, which I discovered after voicing my personal dissatisfaction with the shape of the .

In my experience, I’ve found the seats to offer too little lumbar support, and with short, flat bottom cushions that aren’t angled to support my thighs. Managing Editor Greg Rasa and Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski agreed the seat bottom would be better if it was angled up more, but otherwise didn’t have complaints about the shape. Korzeniewski also mentioned he doesn’t care for aggressive lumbar support, so the Stinger seat felt fine in that regard. Editors both lighter and shorter than the aforementioned folks didn’t have any complaints. Associate Editor Reese Counts felt they were supportive enough with good adjustability.

“I’ve got a bad back, but I was feeling fine when I got home,” Counts said, referring to a road trip to St. Louis in the car. “They’re not the best seats I’ve ever tested, but the fact that I don’t think about them very much speaks for itself.”

Senior Producer Chris McGraw said: “I’m 5’7″ and weigh 150 pounds on a good day, so I wasn’t really pushing these seats to their limits. They were comfortable for long highway stretches and offered enough support when I decided to push the twin-turbo V6 while driving around some of West Michigan’s curvy roads.”

There is something about the seats that drew near universal derision, though: the combination of interior and exterior colors. Our is red with a red interior, and Counts, Korzeniewski and Rasa were annoyed that the reds don’t quite match. McGraw felt it was “a bit too much The Shining to me,” a reference to the vivid red bathroom in the movie. I like lots of color, and wasn’t put off by the mismatch, so was perfectly fine with the color scheme. No one actually disliked the red leather itself, though, and Rasa offered a solution we all could agree on, “Just don’t get that combo.” We all agreed the red interior would look excellent with contrasting exterior colors such as white, black and blue. And it seems that even Kia agrees, since it appears that the red-on-red combo is no longer offered on the Stinger.

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