2018 Jaguar XJ stars in ‘Game of Drones’


Looking for a fun way to put the its XJ in the spotlight, Jaguar turned to a fresh form of racing. The automaker placed three of the long-wheelbase XJL models in a studio, and surrounded them with illuminated, door-shaped gates. Then brought in a pair of professional drone racers to compete in the glowing circuit, which includes pass-through of the rear of the XJL cabins.

The drone pilots, donning VR headsets, sat in the rear of the 575-horsepower version of the XJL, the Jaguar XJR575, and launched the from the trunk of the car. They raced the through the gates and through the cars at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. “The course was a great test, but the fact we were able to go at such speeds proves how much space the doors of the Jaguar XJL gave us,” said the winning drone pilot, Brett Collis. “Despite having to fly through the cabin, we were still pushing the to their top speeds.”

The “ of Drones,” as Jaguar dubbed the race, took place at Alexandra Palace in London, but the automaker is bringing similar experiences to more locations. Jaguar plans to go on an “Art of Performance Tour,” where it will bring drone and Smart Cone driving challenges to the public, free of charge.

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