1965 289 Shelby Cobra mauled by Alaskan grizzly bear


Bears manage to find their way into cars with almost comical regularity. Usually, it’s in search of food that some driver or passenger either unknowingly or unwittingly left behind. Sometimes they even lock themselves inside and require police assistance to escape. Tom Cotter, the host of Barn Find Hunter on Hagerty, was road tripping through Alaska with his . He awoke one morning to find his had been ripped open by a in search of some Fig Newtons.

According to Hagerty, Cotter’s Cobra had the top up because his group’s only exit from an town was through an active train tunnel. Apparently rocks have been known to fall. The car was parked overnight at a nearby town, apparently close enough for those tasty Newtons to tempt a wandering bear. The original vinyl top was a mangled mess. There were also some dents to the rear fender and some bear-shaped paw prints on the car.

The top isn’t Cotter’s main concern at the moment. Apparently his clutch hydraulics went out, so he’s borrowing an airplane hanger to perform some maintenance. At least the car’s interior is still intact. Figs are delicious, so can you really blame the bear?

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