10 Tips For Minimizing Driving Distractions


2. Don’t Touch That Phone

Everyone has a cell phone with them now. When , turn on the “ Mode” for your smartphone. On an iPhone, there’s a setting where you phone detects if you’re connected to a car system; you can set your phone to send a notification to someone who is texting you that you’re and can’t respond right now.

For an iPhone:

To turn on driving mode:
1. Go to Settings –> Do Not Disturb on your iPhone.
2. Scroll down, and find the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” section.
3. Click “Activate” to turn on Do Not Disturb, manual, use, or have it detect when you’re driving.

For an Android Phone:

To turn on driving mode:
1. Go to the Message+ icon. (If you don’t see that, go to: Apps > Message+)
2. Next, click on the Menu icon (top left)
3. Click “Driving Mode” to turn on or off.
4. If prompted with a disclaimer “Driving Mode” disclaimer, click to close it.
5. Click the Menu icon again (top left)
6. Click Settings
7. Click Driving Mode

We know… it’s really tough to disconnect for even a minute. When my phone chirps that it just received a text message, it’s like a Pavlovian response. Most people feel the same way, all you can think about it who just texted, or it *must* be really important, or you need to know who just commented on your latest Instagram post.

So, tell yourself that it’s okay to not answer that text right this second. Get in the habit of not touching your phone while driving, unless you have safely pulled over, or have reached your destination.

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